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How To Buy a Paper Shredder

Not so long ago, paper shredders were exclusively found inside an office. But nowadays, it’s so common to see them being used in other places like homes and business establishments. Accordingly, regardless of where you plan on using your paper shredder, it is imperative that you look for one that is of top quality and could give you years of service without any issues or trouble. Don’t be fooled by brands that are so cheap even though they look particularly the same as the more expensive ones because more likely than not, they’ll break down or will need major repairs after just a few months of continuous use.

So what should you look into when you’re shopping for a paper shredder? Here are the factors you should priority to.

1 – Continuous Duty

You will want to choose a modern version of a paper shredder that comes equipped with a continuous-duty motor, which in turn is responsible for making sure the equipment won’t overheat. Premium brands like Intimus shredders are built and designed for continuous use, suggesting that you may use them without resting them for an extended period minus the risk of overheating.

2 – Cross Cut Feature

When it comes to securing highly sensitive documents, it makes a lot of sense to buy a paper shredder with a cross-cutting function. The purpose of this feature is to ensure that the documents being shredded will never be reassembled or read. You have to learn what the different security levels are in shredders to figure out what you really need.

3 – Throat Measurement

If you don’t want to limit the type and size of paper you wish to put on the machine, be sure you purchase a shredder with a wide opening. There is no way to put in there jumbled and thick sheets of paper if the machine has limited throat width.

4 – Shredding Capacity

This is one feature that you never should make a compromise. You never should choose one that doesn’t shred at least ten sheets at a time. The rationale is simple – the more sheets the better the machine is. However, be reminded that those with larger capacity are also expected to be more expensive.

5 – Removable Bin Option

This is a feature that will definitely cost you more cash. However, many people will be more than willing to pay extra for it because of the fact that it is just too inconvenient and daunting to always remove the actual shredder head when emptying the machine.

Finally, when shopping for a paper shredder, you have to remind yourself that not every single product out there is the same. We strongly advice against purchasing a model that is priced less than $100. You never can get the quality you deserve in a cheaply built paper shredder.

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