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What Is A Financial Analyst? Salary And Job Description

If you are looking for the job descriptions for an accounting analyst, below are some you can use. However if you don’t find that to be terribly interesting, but like really digging” into the details of an account balance, I.E. Revenue increased by $5m, but an increase in sales accounts for only $3m, to explain the difference, maybe a financial analyst role is better suited for you.Financial Analysts

Depending on an individual’s work, different licenses may be required, although buy side analysts are less likely to need licenses. They study current and historical economic and business trends and also assess the value of an organization based on its financial statements. The best way to get a feel for a chartered financial analyst’s salary is to use averages within those broad fields not taking into account company size, experience, skills, degree, or location. There are a variety of important skills that financial analysts need in order to complete these job duties. To become a financial analyst, you’ll require a tertiary qualification in accounting. Most financial analysts will specialize in a particular type of security instrument, such as commodities or municipal bonds.Financial Analysts

A financial analyst with less than a year of experience at a small company can expect a starting salary in the range of $47,500 to $55,750, according to Robert Half’s latest Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance Most financial analyst jobs are full time, and about a third of all financial analysts work more than 40 hours per week, according to the BLS.

Honestly, if someone was content with earning a good salary and decent hours, there’s no place like Corp Finance. Conversely, sell side analysts help securities dealers, such as banks and other firms, sell stocks, bonds, and other investments. I don’t think you could make a wrong decision though I’d suggest you to learn more about the job before you accept the offer. Just as the acid test becomes a test of reliability, the acid test ratio becomes a test of financial integrity for firms.

Regardless of the role of accountants, they are adhered to code of ethics which are applied to their professional conduct although there are some special provisions for those in public practice Reference: Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants-International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).Financial Analysts