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The Stock Market Game Teaches You How The Market Works

People often say the stock market is a game, but a growing number of companies are taking that literally. To register for the teacher promotional game or the official game, log on to Once registered, teachers have access to the Teacher Resource Center which houses lessons, assessments, projects and publications to use when developing opportunities for your students.

Take Stock in Minnesota provides teachers with a curriculum that meets core educational requirements, including 16 worksheets that cover such topics as scarcity, goods, services, producers, consumers, interdependence, opportunity cost, choice, economic wants, productive resources, demand, profit, and markets.Stock Market Game

The Computer Society of N.M. College recently organized an online stock market event – ‘STOCK HUNT’.It saw a phenomenal success with participants gaining a certain level of expertise in dealing with shares and it provided them a platform to enhance their investing abilities thus broadening their horizon and exposing them to the fluctuations in the share market at a practical level.

To ensure this happened properly we had to add in multiple mysql table entries for the cron and the system to track the stock transactions so not only could we gain a history of transactions and stock movements, but also the system could cross-check itself to maintain balance in the event of data corruption or a bad stock transaction.Stock Market Game

If you know, what the trends are and you know what the stock has done previously under a particular set of conditions then you are one step closer to being able to predict what a particular stock is going to do during the various economic conditions, which affect it.Stock Market Game