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Stock Market Crash? Your Options Explained

Those of us long in tooth have difficulty understanding why folks these days worry so much about an economic recession. Another kind of decline in stock prices is a bear market – this occurs when there is a steady decline in the stock prices over a few months – and sometimes even years. In return, they get stock or options that they hope will be a path to sports cars and summer homes after their company goes public or is bought out. I was a nine-year-old boy at Flint, when the Depression was heralded by the stock market crash of 1929. The stock market crash of 1929 is often associated with stories of investors and traders jumping out of windows after losing everything.Stock Market Crash

I fear the US may experience the same pattern, with a crash in the 2015 Shemitah, with the super Shemitah of 2015-2016 ( a jubilee year) or, a super judgment of the nation in that year, especially looking to September of 2016 as that pivotal time to watch!

The years preceding the stock market crash of 1929 were filled with irrational exuberance Stock prices had risen across the board, even for companies that posted little profit , and investors were very optimistic that the general upward trend of the market and the economy would continue for some time.Stock Market Crash

To see the long flat periods adjusted for inflation, see 100 Years of Inflation-Adjusted Stock Market History Warning: not for the faint of heart! The uptick rule is essentially means that you cannot short a stock until there is a green uptick in its price, which means the stock has to go up before you can short it. Indeed, many traders are unable to trade during bearish times as they have not been exposed to bearish periods before, having only begun to trade during the past few years when the stock market had been bullish. Under the prevailing market situation many small investors wisely sell and make big-time profits. The ’08 crash would of made the list at #7, beating out the ’73 crash with a DJIA decline of {d07e726dc35321c1887ba4b2e6d346fe7eafad5ef6cfcf877aa9d8d8ffdb003a}45.2. As a result, the Dot Com Crash would have been knocked off the list (to #11).Stock Market Crash

The next crash or crisis is a good opportunity for the elite groups to get more companies for pennies and increase their monopoly. By October 29, the Great Crash was underway, and by November 17, over $30 billion dollars had disappeared from the U.S. economy. This tells us the probability of a crash is low, while expectation of a crash is high, which can present opportunities for well informed market participants. Today’s generation cannot comprehend the demoralizing impact that a deep, economic depression has on a nation – thank God. There should have been some restrictions on the banks from investing the depositors’ money in the stock market. Investors have been worrying about a stock market crash all year and have been asking us if the stock market crash history can show us any trends for the future.