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The Stock Market Game is an engaging educational program used in classrooms nationwide to teach economics, math, social studies, business, language arts and technology while focusing on the importance of developing real world personal finance skills. Here’s the best way to play the stock market based on the best advice I have run across over the past 35 years. After registration check out the events calendar on the website and attend one of the free online conferences for more information. This stimulating competition incorporates all of the educational benefits of The Stock Market Game while also teaching students about Minnesota businesses and economics.

Stock market apps tend to center around choosing a group of stocks and trading frequently based on their performance. I have tried several times in the past to use Stock Market simulations with my classes, with mixed success. Another important thing to look for when buying a stock is the indicators, for example yearly high and yearly low, as they will help extrapolate how the stock will do the rest of the year. The Stock Market Game, sponsored by the Securities Industry and Financial Mark Association, aims to increase understanding of financial markets.Stock Market GameStock Market Game

So sit back, relax, and enjoy , a stock market game that might just train your brain to master chart patterns of stocks. The Arizona Council on Economic Education is the official host of the Stock Market Game in Arizona. FRIENDS & MESSAGES: Connect with your friends or other users and chat about the capital market or strategies. You’re free to play the professionals’ game, analyzing stocks daily for the slimmest of chances at a few extra percentage points. Bonds do not fluctuate as often as the stock market, so there is no need to worry about an extreme recession.

My game of choice is Texas Hold’em, the current craze across the country and one that excites me when I am in the environment. Each of the participating schools were given $100,000 in fake money to invest in the market. Rewards range anywhere from actual stock market shares to dinner certificates to t-shirts and trophies.Stock Market Game

Another option available to the stock trader to reduce his risks is to distribute his money among different stocks and diversify into other kinds of investments like real estate and gold too. It is no less than a video game where the player gets to become the hero of the game to save the queen.