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Financial management refers to the efficient and effective management of money (funds) in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of the organization. We recognise the achievements of our students across all three stages of the course and each year HOSPA hosts the Annual Awards Ceremony where prizes are presented to the most successful learners of the year from the HOSPA education programmes. The School of Business and Management has built a strong reputation for our distinctive approach, in particular our focus on the interdisciplinary nature of business and management. Given today’s vast ecosystem of expanding complexity, it’s no wonder CEOs are demanding more from CFOs and the finance function to help with achieving competitive advantage1. The hands-on training you receive in this program give you usable, job-relevant skills to begin or advance your career in finance.

Teaching on the Finance and Management programme is provided by our worldrenowned specialist staff using a number of methods, including: lectures, seminars, group work, feedback sessions, one-to-one sessions with programme tutors. The recommended textbook for this course is Higgins, Analysis for Financial Management, 9th Edition and a pack of business case studies. Successfully completing this course, equips you with financial management knowledge and skills sought by organisations worldwide. Insurance policies are a form of money management that will protect your family in case of emergencies or in case of death.Finance Management

Second, you will be under pressure from senior management to deliver quickly, especially if the project is being sold competitively or the project is fast track as specified within the terms and conditions of contract. It helps the CFO to clearly articulate its finance vision and strategy with a clear view into the key principles behind the future operating model, a detailed road map of improvement efforts, required resources, and measurements for implementation. The Financial Management Major at Franklin University teaches you how to analyze an organization’s financial performance and ensure good financial health. Survival of company is an important consideration when the financial manager makes any financial decisions.Finance Management

Enable and develop a range of key personal skills including presentation, argumentation, evaluation, problem solving, interactive and group skills, self-appraisal, and autonomy in the planning and management of learning. The financial plan should a simple financial structure so that, it can be easily understood even by a laymen common man. Topics include money management, insurance, investments and portfolio distribution, wills, estates, pension management and tax planning.

FM, Procurement, and Governance specialists conduct a joint Fiduciary Systems Assessment (FSA) of program fiduciary systems and program arrangements. Banking, credit union, and financial management associations regularly collaborate with colleges and universities to sponsor local and national training programs. NCVO is working in partnership with the Charity Finance Directors Group (CFDG), insolvency experts MacIntyre Hudson, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, to make the CFDG’s insolvency helpline available to the wider sector.Finance Management