Place in Bali who have never visit

1. Location selfie extreme for those who dare: Tukad Melangit, Antugan
Who does not like photos? Moreover, if the results of the selfie photo to get a lot of ‘likes’ on Instagram.
Well, so your pictures up, then the background would also be exceptional, like the one in Banjar Antugan, Jehem, this Bangli Regency. If you go there you can visit bali hotels
In the village there is a valley called Tukad Melangit who has such a spectacular panorama of blue sky and beautiful green hills.
To be able to enjoy the natural beauty, visitors are provided a kind of bamboo stilt houses with foundation extends about five meters from the edge of the cliff at an altitude of about 300 meters! And this is where the location of the target of the visitor who wants to air-selfie fun while testing adrenalin.
no need was was a matter of security, because the local youth in turns will oversee assisted by local village officials. You need to prepare is the courage.
Tukad Melangit, Antugan
Location: Banjar Antugan, Jehem Village, District Tembuku, Bangli
Admission: Free, available only for voluntary donation box
How to Get There: From the city to the east towards Bangli District of Tembuku, translucent Rendang (Karangasem). Arriving at the intersection Jehem, straight north to as far as 3 kilometers, arrived at the location. From roadside Antugan, to the west about 50 meters.
2. The faces Mysterious Secret Canyon in Sukawati
Near Pura Beji Guwang in Sukawati area there is a stunning canyon sacred but not yet widely known.
For artists, photographers, creative workers, or anyone who wants to find inspiration directly from beautiful natural wonders – the hidden canyon is a must-see!
And unique, if you look carefully cliffs that form the gorge, then you will be able to see a variety of human expression. Even the shape of the face also resembles the animals!
the color of the rocks in the canyon will certainly be a real treat for your eyes.
Look for a flat surface of the stone, and sat while mengantung foot while admiring the incredible views of this. Or if you dare, trace how deep you can enter the canyon (but prioritize your safety, and do not do it alone ya!).
To reach this canyon, you need to be extra careful because it must go through several tributaries are muddy and slippery rocks to climb.
If it sure can do it, then go to the secret place of spectacular!
3. Natural Pool Hidden Angel’s Billabong
Swim in the infinity pool in a resort or beach club is already commonplace, this time try the sensation of swimming in the Angel’s Billabong -infinity natural pool in Nusa Penida!
That makes the ‘pool’ is more interesting is the crystal-clear water (you can even see the bottom!) That emits a greenish tinge colors like emerald. Apparently, the color is derived from the ‘pool’ where you can step on it without fear of slipping, because it is not slippery and so comfortable as if he were walking on a bed of green rug.
Imagine how good it could be if the Angel’s Billabong today.
Angel’s Billabong.
4 High Towering Cliffs at Melasti Beach (Ungasan)
One of the most enchanting beaches on the southern coast of the island is often overlooked by tourists. Usually the visiting here are photographers who want to capture the beauty of the rock formations and towering cliffs.Note that Melasti Beach we mean here is that there are in the area of Ungasan, not the beach of the same name more popular and is near Tanah Lot (article in English). After every rain, from the cliff wall that framed this beach will appear ‘waterfall’ spectacular rushing to get to the sand before ending up in the sea.
5. Green Cliffs and Small Cave in Undisan, Bangli
The journey to this location is an adventure in itself, with views of rice fields, forests, ravines and waterfalls that are nearby. Green cliffs in Undisan this is actually the cliffs towering over the walls covered by a layer of moss.
Moreover there is a secret behind this amazing Green Cliffs?
If you follow the flow of water below the cliff, then you will find a small hidden cave!
If you dare, please swim with the water up into the cave to find out what’s in it.
But if not, then simply sitting on a rock below the cliffs of the Green and try to meditate in a quiet and remote.