New York Stock Exchange

The US stock market has a long history dotted with a lot of ups and downs. Companies list their stocks on the various stock exchanges located throughout the U.S. The stock exchanges actually compete with each other for these listings, since companies that attract more trading make more money for the stock exchange that listed it.Us Stock Market

There is no transparency and fairness in the current system dominated by high-frequency traders, which is one reason why I keep telling politicians to bolster defined-benefit pensions for everyone Shifting employees to defined-contribution plans in this market is literally feeding them to the wolves.

Barring a surprise move at the November 2nd meeting (which could jolt the market as odds of a hike at that meeting according to market measures remain below 15%), the focus on the Federal Reserve (Fed) will move back to the forefront following the election, with all eyes on the December meeting.

Say you only have a few thousand dollars to invest which leaves you only able to buy say 10 shares of a company like Apple but on the OTC you could end up with thousands of shares of and up and coming company that in a few weeks allow you to make 50% gains instead of maybe a 10% increase from Apple in a year time.

More then a century and a half have passed since New York Stock Exchange was established which has the highest volume of stocks traded in the world in terms of comes second if we compare it based on volume,NASDAQ being the first which is another exchange in US stock has got the highest market capitalization in the world running into trillions of dollars.Us Stock MarketUs Stock Market