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Basics to Dentistry. It is very important for us to take care of our oral cavity. Dentistry majors on the dental health. The care and management of oral health problems fall under this branch of medicine. It also comprises the jaw and facial areas. Oral hygiene is important as it will first determine the kind of person you are. A bad breath due to ignorance or a dental disease will automatically give your audience a false impression. It is recommended that we should see a dentist at least twice a year for our own good. There are two broad areas of dentistry. Preventative and cosmetic dentistry are these areas. Preventative dentistry basically deals with the general hygiene and health of the teeth. It assists in preventive measures against disease causing agents. This practice is encouraged for persons of all age groups. Dental hygiene assist in the protection against oral diseases. Maintaining high standards of hygiene is good for oral health. There are daily routines that form part and parcel of preventative dentistry. These activities are part of our daily lives. They include, brushing the teeth twice a day. Dentists usually encourage the use of a fluoride toothpaste for the general care of the mouth cavity. Replacing of one’s toothbrush once after every three months is also an important measure to take. Flossing complements the act of brushing the teeth. This involves the removal of food particles between the teeth using cords of thin filaments called the dental floss. One should also be vigilant of what they consume. We are also advised to visit a dentist twice a year for general check-up.
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Cosmetic dentistry is the other type. As opposed to the preventative, cosmetic dentistry, this category is associated with the structural considerations of the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is mainly characterized by processes that improve the quality of the teeth e.g. teeth whitening. In the process of these procedures, oral problems might be treated by chance or design. Teeth implants, teeth whitening and the repairs done to damaged tooth or teeth are the major cosmetic dentistry procedures.
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There are many reasons why people opt to undergo these procedures The advancements in technology make these procedures to be easier. Looking good and attractive is the major reason for cosmetic dentistry. This has a consequential effect of boosting one’s self-esteem. Another possible reason is to improve the perception from others. This is very important especially for the first impression. In addition to the cosmetic dentistry intended outcome, the overall dental health will be enhanced. There are many benefits one can achieve by ensuring proper care for both the oral cavity and the maxillofacial. We should all take care of our dental cavity. ||