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How To Read A Stock Quote

Dear Trader, having a mastery of Investing means you need to know the very best tools to use. Google is an excellent place to go for a single page of latest news, blog alerts, and the P&L & Balance Sheet of any stock, and if you only need a rapid view of the general stock this is still a good stop of point for a general look. Stock market today – Alcoa Inc earning per share $0.06 revenues of $5.9 billion , Alcoa Inc earning per share report jan 8 2013 : Alcoa Inc.

Keep in mind that resistance levels are usually price ranges not a specific stock price. Bullish means that a stock is looking strong and bearish means the stock is looking weak. If you look in the sidebar list of most popular posts all-time, you will see both a 100-year stock market chart and a 100-year interest rate chart. So if a stock like IBM is primarily traded on NYSE, the Nasdaq price may be slightly different. But, of course, some investors and traders use both methods: fundamental and stock chart analysis.Historical Stock Prices

Thirdly, the data is sourced from yahoo finance, a reputable and reliable source of historical data. The Nasdaq-100 Index does not account for dividend payouts, but the Nasdaq 100 Total Return Index, which was initiated on March 4, 1999, does account for dividends. The big drops in earnings multiples, or valuation, correspond to years when the stock market crashed – 1929 for example.

The high, low and close are required to form the price plot for each period of a bar stock chart. You can use the Dow 30 stock for range trading strategies, delta neutral strategies, as well as vertical spreads, calendar spreads and ratio spreads. Reuters: With its powerful news reporting and RED Green Candlestick plotting Reuters does have a lot to offer, coming in Joint third with Yahoo.Historical Stock PricesHistorical Stock Prices

For many companies, historical stock prices are available on which is an excellent source to use when possible because the prices it lists are adjusted for subsequent splits and dividends. Option Chain: It provides IV as well as Options Greeks data ( Delta , Gamma , Rho , Theta , and Vega ) for various strike prices and expiration months (not only near ATM options). Studying stock charts can be combined with other strategies using other technical indicators such as stochastics. The ratio of your shares increase will always correspond the pro rata decrease in the stock price.

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