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How Reading Stock Charts Can Make You A Better Stock Trader

As the mid-April tax return filing deadline looms, for many last-minute filers this week ushers in a frenzy of organizing forms, receipts, and statements. You could conclude from looking at the above graphs that investing in the stock market can be a very good thing indeed; I think that’s true. MSN MoneyCentral: While the stock screener from MSN Money is in the opinion of 3WISE the best free screener available, the charting software comes in only in 6th spot. Generally by gaining an historical knowledge of what the revenue trend is, one can determine where a company is in its growth cycle. So it is not the economy which is affecting the stock prices or the stock prices that is affecting the economy, it is the thinking of investors which is affecting the indices most of the times.Historical Stock PricesHistorical Stock Prices

Price volatility, range, direction, and noteworthy news regarding the stock must be considered first. I will accept that on a long-term basis, market value of sales is a good proxy for market value of housing stock. Yahoo also has an API that can be tapped into although it is rate limited and will IP block you if you make too many requests on it in rapid succession.

The DOW is the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the oldest and still most popular measure of stock market performance. Every new floating market information is bound to affect future expectations and thereby the stock prices. Don’t trust a stock market whose behavior is not justified by economic or financial fundamentals.Historical Stock Prices

The two events together likely put a significant crimp in new family formation for years, reducing demand for houses, and putting downward pressure on prices. Maybe more importantly, mass production techniques were starting to deliver more efficient processes, and lower prices. The breakout signifies that the stock has rested and is now ready for more activity. Line stock charts are also used when open; high and low data points are not available.

First, there is money to be made by trading on a daily basis, as short term swings can produce very volatile changes in stock prices. Ordinarily, when you wake up and your stock opens at a fraction of what it was trading the previous day, that constitutes a bad thing. The first interpretation is buying when prices touch the bottom Bollinger Band or selling when prices touch the top Bollinger Band. Stock market investment is basically very unpredictable and depends greatly on the market risks. Therefore, it is a rare occurrence when stock prices rise above or below the Bollinger Bands. Plus, dilution from employee stock options, warrants, and convertible debentures.