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Global Trends For The Financial Service Industry

In the olden days a career in finance did not offer anything more than a back-office recording keeping job. The laws also provide Bank Negara Malaysia with the necessary regulatory and supervisory oversight powers to fulfil its broad mandate within a more complex and interconnected environment, given the regional and international nature of financial developments.

There’s a strong case to be made that the valid objective of regulating securities clearance effectively could be ensured by collaboration between the ECB and the Bank of England, rather than forcing some part of the financial services industry to move from the UK to the Eurozone, but the UK could not count on the EU courts accepting it.

For example, the services we provide for hospitals are coding, billing services, contact center support, claiming monies from insurance companies – if somebody goes through a procedure then we need to ensure that the doctor writes it on a form and the form is scanned and it comes to us – we need the machine, we need to do the right coding, we need to send it to the insurance company to check that it is covered.Financial Services

Our financial services lawyers and public policy professionals combine strong public policy experience with exceptional technical proficiency to advise clients in the financial services sector on the most important regulatory and policy issues facing them today.

The Coalition, which represents a large part of the transatlantic financial services community, has been brought together by a strong and shared belief on both sides of the Atlantic that improving regulatory cooperation between the U.S. and EU must be a priority.Financial ServicesFinancial Services