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Accountants and auditors ensure that financial records are accurate and taxes are paid properly and on time. And should you be unsatisfied with the service, there will be no additional recruiting, interviewing and training costs to replace your accounting assistant. The Bachelor of Computer Science offers a comprehensive and highly flexible program of study in the fields of hardware, software and their underlying principles. Though accounting practice believes in continuing entity concept i.e. life of the business is perpetual but still it has to report the ‘results of the activity undertaken in specific period (normally one year).

For example, you might choose to complete a second major in financial planning or management, or minor in forensic accounting or corporate finance. The research interests of the faculty cover a broad range of topics including, auditing, corporate governance, valuation, decision-making, financial reporting, accounting information systems, disclosure and management and analyst forecasting.

Accounting information systems have reduced the cost of accumulating, storing, and reporting managerial accounting information and have made it possible to produce a more detailed account of all data that is entered into any given system. All students who study a science subject are candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Science (with Honours) (BSc Hons). His broad interests include the role of accounting in credit markets, corporate governance, transparency, and earnings management. We’ve also had BBA students selected for prestigious internships with the PCAOB.

Some accountants employed by the government perform similar duties as their counterparts employed in public accounting firms and private corporations. Management accounting also produces such reports, but is also more likely to produce reports that contain information of a non-financial nature such as measures of physical quantities of inventories (stocks) and output.AccountingAccounting

Along with these two arguments, opponents also argue that the International Accounting Standards Board, the committee responsible for writing the rules, will succumb to the pressures and stress. The SEC has established it own set of accounting standards and with the economy the way it is today they really have their hands full with this. The focus of the Department of Accounting is to provide a broad education designed to foster an understanding of business and accounting concepts relevant to today’s global economy. The program features more advanced accounting courses and qualifies students to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination. Students are candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) (BA Hons) if their two Principal courses are in humanities and/or social science subjects. In today’s society, accountants are usually employed in public accounting firms, for-profit or non-profit organizations, government agencies or in their own firms.Accounting