A 10-Point Plan for Phones (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Some Guidelines in Choosing a Business Phone System

An enterprise would choose a business phone system depending on its size and how many extensions it needs. Every establishment nowadays cannot do away with a very good business phone system for their operation to function.

There are four major kinds of business phone systems that are sold in the market today. The key systems included are named as PBX or Private Branch Exchange system, KSU-less phones, and Voice-Ove-Internet Protocol or VoIP. There are various features in each of these business phone system and each could accommodate a number of stations depending on the needs of the corporation.

The key phone systems are controlled mainly with the device called the KSU or the key system unit. With the business phone system are added features that you do not find in an ordinary phone. In the key phone system, a user is allowed to make calls to another in-office extensions and gives permission to only one user in holding the line. Considering that the key phone systems can support from five to forty extensions, they are considered as the best business phone systems for both small and medium sized corporations. An amount range of $350 to $1000 per user would cost a key system depending on its features.

Once the demand would be more than 40 extensions and there is a need for advance functionality, then the private branch exchange or PBX systems would be the best system to consider. The past models of private branch exchange systems was big, and with the advancement in technology, these systems are modified to be able to place it on a table with all its standard features. With a cost per user of around $800 to $1000, these private branch exchange systems are totally programmable. This makes the private branch exchange systems the ideal system for both large corporations and medium sized enterprises with employees of more than a 100.

The KSU-less phone system is featured as a convenient system since it can be placed in one area to another, plus it can serve to up to 10 extensions. The KSU-less phone system is considered the best business phone system for small companies with fewer employees, and the system also comes with features you can find on key and PBX system. It is not expensive to buy a KSU-less phone system because it costs only to around $130 to $225 per phone, but it does not come with a support by a telecom vendor. Because of this condition, you are obliged to do the buying, installing, programming, and maintaining of the KSU-less phone system on your own.

Considered as the latest technology in the business phone system is the voice over internet protocol or the VoIP. Small, medium and large firms are accepting this new telecom technology.

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