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Any financial services we offer you will be handled by representatives of the Bank. A merchant banker is a financial intermediary who helps to transfer capital from those who possess it to those who need it. Merchant banking includes a wide range of activities such as management of customer’s securities, portfolio management, project counseling and appraisal, underwriting of shares and debentures, loan syndication, acting as banker for the refund orders, handling interest and dividend warrants etc.

Graduates may find employment as financial advisors or associates, financial service representatives, account managers or investment specialists in a broad range of financial institutions including retail banks, credit unions, financial planning offices, insurance companies, brokerage firms and other businesses dedicated to providing personal financial advice and services.

Compared with the IT companies, we are a focused BPO company – and I think that people who are seeking a large impact, like telecom companies or retail companies or banking companies, who have a lot of dependency on good operations to get in new business in new markets, they in the long term would rather work with a focused BPO company than an IT company that has got a subset of BPO, number one.Financial Services

The nationally recognized WKU Financial Planning Program challenges and empowers, developing students into exceptional and highly ethical professionals who go on to pursue highly successful financial advisory careers and who possess highly meaningful lives.Financial ServicesFinancial Services

Commercial and Corporate Banking: All transactions for organizations and businesses of all sizes, including commercial and corporate banking, project and structured finance, transactions with and medium sized enterprise and the provision of financial services to government and government departments.