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Pengalaman tak sedap seperti ini bisa dipastikan tidak akan menimpa lebih dari 150.000 anggota CUCO, alias credit union. Biro Konsultasi Koperasi Kredit (BK3) atau Credit Union Counselling Office (CUCO) menjadi Badan Koordinasi Koperasi Kredit Indonesia (BK3I) atau Credit Union Coordination of Indonesia (CUCO Indonesia) dan untuk daerah menjadi BK3D (Badan Koordinasi Koperasi Kredit Daerah).Credit Union

Because credit union employees are non-commissioned, there was no pressure, enabling the couple to see the credit union as a trusted advisor. According to the American Banker/Gallup poll, credit unions consistently rank high among consumers for service and customer satisfaction every year since 1983. Credit unions are financially solid because they stick to conservative banking practices, such as requiring down payments and income verification on mortgage loans. One downside of a credit union is that there are not as many as traditional bank branches. Some may be manufacturers or dealers, banks or credit unions, or private lenders.

In November 2015, a Personal Micro Credit (PMC) pilot initiative was launched in 30 credit unions across the country. While you may get the highest rates on your savings products and lowest rates when you borrow money through a credit union, you might find that it charges higher fees for using the ATM. Just like a bank offers savings accounts, checking accounts and ATM cards, so does a credit union.

It helps its members plan their financial resources; it offers a variety of services, among which Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Benefits, Dental Benefits, Identity Theft Protection, auto loans, business loans, personal loans, education and home loans, credit cards, debt consolidation, saving and checking accounts as well as investments.

Credit union memiliki kelemahan-kelemahan secara eksternal terutama dari pihak pemerintah, misalnya: kurangnya kebijakan yang mendorong ruang lingkup pengawasan; ketidakpstian dalam pergantian kepemimpinan (politik); Kurangnya biaya dankemampuan untuk supervise; manajemen masih sederhana dan lambat serta belum menjadi gerakan sosial yang besar.Credit UnionCredit Union

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