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Place in Bali who have never visit

1. Location selfie extreme for those who dare: Tukad Melangit, Antugan
Who does not like photos? Moreover, if the results of the selfie photo to get a lot of ‘likes’ on Instagram.
Well, so your pictures up, then the background would also be exceptional, like the one in Banjar Antugan, Jehem, this Bangli Regency. If you go there you can visit bali hotels
In the village there is a valley called Tukad Melangit who has such a spectacular panorama of blue sky and beautiful green hills.
To be able to enjoy the natural beauty, visitors are provided a kind of bamboo stilt houses with foundation extends about five meters from the edge of the cliff at an altitude of about 300 meters! And this is where the location of the target of the visitor who wants to air-selfie fun while testing adrenalin.
no need was was a matter of security, because the local youth in turns will oversee assisted by local village officials. You need to prepare is the courage.
Tukad Melangit, Antugan
Location: Banjar Antugan, Jehem Village, District Tembuku, Bangli
Admission: Free, available only for voluntary donation box
How to Get There: From the city to the east