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Financial Analysis involves collecting and analyzing financial information to help organizations make business decisions. If possible, go to a business school, then take additional online classes or supplement your current status with a financial analyst certification. Financial analysts determine a company’s value through studying the company’s financial statements, analyzing commodity prices, sales, costs, expenses, and tax rates, and projecting the company’s future earnings. Jose Canseco, who slugged his way through the major leagues, has now developed a cult following after some of his contrarian predictions about financial markets came true. Some analysts are responsible for selling shares for a company, often called institutional investors, and others are responsible for selling securities for their clients. The current financial crisis is more about Credit Default Swaps than housing prices.Financial Analysts

Two primary types of financial analysts exist: buy side analysts, who create investment plans for organizations with large sums of money for investment, and sell side analysts, who advise financial services sales agents. The first reason is that the financial services industry and the media don’t make any money talking about long-term investing and asset allocation. Proven financial analysts have good career opportunities and can progress to become business analysts, finance managers or commercial managers. Many financial analysts work at large financial institutions based in New York City or other major financial centers.Financial AnalystsFinancial Analysts

Interesting and I largely agree with the idea that industry analysts are more reliable when it comes to analyzing the products of tech companies. A financial analyst may also advance in their career to a fund manager job, managing large investment portfolios for individuals.

This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual. For those still in the mood of looking at someone to blame for this financial mess, here is one target that you should not miss : the rating agencies. Financial analysts may also work at banks, pension funds, insurance companies and other businesses.

While a bachelor’s degree is required (usually in a finance-related field), many financial analysts also earn master’s degrees in finance or business administration and take additional financial analyst courses. Analysts are heavily involved with mergers and acquisitions, consulting, corporate strategy, bankruptcy , and a myriad of other financially important processes.