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World Economic News

How do economic announcements affect financial markets?.. And answers to other burning questions by an econometrician. With growth and business confidence, this is usually great news for the stock market as well as company profits. Economists in 2014 and the global economy continues to rebound again with the economic performance of developing countries in the […]
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stock market game

2014 PNC Christmas Price Index SIFMA Foundation Stock Market Game Challenge

When you buy stock you become part owner of a public company—no matter how many shares you own. Okay, I suspect my app will have trouble getting past the first round of venture funding. While trading in volatile stocks like tech companies, use limit orders rather than market orders i.e. decide in advance the highest price that you are ready to pay to buy stocks or the lowest price you are ready to sell your stocks in...

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Investing Money To Make Money Consistently

Today the entire world is in the grips of a devastating economic crisis which has resulted in an effectively destructive economic downturn. When the firm booms, of course, its shares rise up, and the valuation of the shares owned by investors also shoot up. This is the basic principle behind the usual stock market and share investment transactions. Each broker and company has its own charge of brokerage, though this charge may differentiate on the basis of services availed...

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